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What if you were to start treating yourself
like someone you loved and cherished?

Deficient. Unlovable. Unworthy. Not good enough.

Sound familiar? Or rather, feel familiar?

These are painful yet common beliefs and stories that swirl inside the minds of so many of us, just under the surface of our conscious awareness.

And part of you knows that these thoughts are simply not true. In fact, you long for a deeper knowing of your own exquisite perfection (even in your imperfect human existence). You may feel this deliciousness at times, as well as understand this intellectually.

But sensing it, feeling it, deeply experiencing it in the cells of your body and the core of your being, as your natural state—your essence—that sometimes eludes you.

Plus, if you’re like the rest of us, and my guess is that you are,
then you’ve got more going on under the surface than you may realize.

How can you tell? Well, do any of these statements sounds familiar?

  • You speak harshly to yourself, in ways you would never allow someone else to speak to you.
  • Your mind’s constant chatter hardly ever lets you rest.
  • You push yourself to do things or to feel certain ways that really don’t feel right, but you do them anyway because “it seems like what you should do.”
  • You are not sure about what you want or need.
  • You take cues from other people about what’s important, what you should care about, and where you should give your time, attention, and energy.
  • You focus on knowing and meeting other people’s needs rather than putting yourself first.
  • You overeat, overdrink, shop compulsively, or cruise on social media, trying to not experience feelings that just won’t go away.
  • And yes, you are living inside of stories about not being good enough, feeling unworthy, unlovable, or broken, and you show up in life as if those stories were actually true.

What if I were to tell you that all of these are signs, not that you are deficient (ouch), and far from it? But instead, that you have been captivated by an all-too-pervasive MYTH that currently robs so many of us of our well being, our truth, and the connection and aliveness possible within relationships—with others and with our own precious selves??

And that you are experiencing a lack of love — love with your SELF. Disconnection from the love that actually already resides INSIDE of you!

Love that is constant and always available—at any moment in time.

But you’ve shut yourself off. You’ve turned off the switch. Because somewhere along the way you received, and then internalized, negative messages about yourself. And now it feels as if they are true. Even though they really aren’t.

The good news is that you can always choose to open yourself again. You can readily experience deep love when you discover how to quietly—and gently be with yourself and connect with the love that you naturally and actually are.

And that’s exactly what you will experience when you listen to my guided meditation, “Opening to SELF Love,” which you can register for right here on this page.

And it’s my gift to you. Completely free.

Because I want you to experience more love – right now!


Receive your
guided meditation

Enter your name and email in the boxes on the right and you’ll get immediate access

We respect your email privacy

When you register with your name and email in the box above, you will receive immediate access to my guided meditation, which I’ve recorded for you with lovely music, plus an article called “The Boundless and Unconditional Heart,” as well as the transcript of the meditation, so you can read and re-read, if you so choose.

When you listen, and when you open to self love, you will experience:

  • A deep sense of quiet, peace, and love—deeper than you may have ever known before.
  • More compassion, understanding, appreciation, and lovingkindness for your SELF.
  • More love and compassion for all the people in your life: your partner (if you have one), your family, people you work with, even baristas and checkers at the grocery store!
  • A connection to your own preciousness that goes beyond words and anything the mind can say.
  • New possibilities opening up where before you’d felt stuck or limited.
  • Dissolving old stories about who you are, and instead, discovering and embracing your truth.

So many of my clients have received such positive benefits from my guided meditations that I decided to create one—just for you. Please go ahead and register now, and I will be with you on the next page.

Beth Apfelbaum, MFT (license # MFC 43095), is the founder and director of the Loving Sexuality Institute. With more than 25 years experience as a sex educator, counselor, and therapist, Beth has facilitated Sexual Healing and Empowerment groups for women for 15 years, and as an outgrowth, has developed the body of theory and practice known as Mindful Sexuality. She delights in helping women—and couples of all backgrounds—infuse their relationships with more joy, passion, and lasting lovingkindness.